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Regarding electronics, I did not worry too much:

The piloting of the mount will be entrusted to an Astro EQ, I had a brand new kit left in my boxes.

The intervalometer, meanwhile, will be made by disassembling and then integrating a remote control camera easily found on eBay.

However, I modified the Astro EQ firmware to add features :

* Intervalometer control (Snap port, already present)

* Emergency stop (already present, but which does not remain engaged, adding of a latch)

* Ability to reverse the hemisphere in Standalone mode

* Possibility to cut the DEC engine in Standalone mode (battery saving)

* Control of a relay by Snap port 2 of EQMod (typically to control the heating)

* Incremental polar finder brightness adjustment button Since the intervalometer will be two centimeters lower in the case, buttons require, I made a Plexiglas glass, to "deport" the display. This one was polished in order with sandpaper, toothpaste, then flame, so that it becomes transparent.

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