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The power supply will consist of six modules, in addition to the box and the battery :

The 'top front face', comprising the main circuit breaker, the fuses for external recharges and accessories, the battery and power supply reading voltmeter, the battery charge and discharge reading ammeter, and a small clock.

The 'power supply side', comprising the user outputs and their respective protections, the digital ammeters for reading the power supply currents, the switches for starting the various power supplies, and the remote connector.

The 'sub - power supply' side, serving as a physical medium for the various power supplies

The 'bottom front face', support of the 12 Vdc / 230 Vac inverter, of the multi-size display for the measurement of 230 Vac, as well as two unstabilized 12 Vdc 'cigarette lighter' type outputs

The 'upper rear face', comprising the fans

The 'bottom rear face', comprising the main fuses, the capacitors and their progressive charging system, the main distributor, and the connectors for the external load.

Power Supply Side

The sub - power supply side was cut on the CNC table, too. It supports the various power supplies and protection for 230 Vac. It will be fixed under the front power by four columns.

Upper Front Face

The power / battery measurement voltmeter can be disconnected by a three-position switch, battery, stop, power supply. Each power supply is selectable by a rotary selector. The ammeter measures the currents on the shunt. There are three, one for battery discharge, one for the external charger, and one for solar. As with the voltmeter, a rotary selector allows you to make your choice.


Seen on the inside of the rack, which allows a glimpse of the bottom rear face, supports for the main fuses and the main distribution terminal block, as well as the capacitors used to contain the current draw when a power supply is switched on , with their progressive charge system, short-circuited when the charge reaches 90%. The battery will be placed on the U-shaped sheet, fixed laterally to the transport handles, in order to limit the mechanical stress on the bottom of the case. It will be immobilized by means of the ratchet strap.


The battery is a lead - AGM 12 V / 65 Ah.

Bottom Front Face

Done !

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