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This page includes links to websites that I liked and that I would like to share, whether or not they appear in the posts. A summary of the links presents in the posts is made below, allowing either to follow the link, or to access to the post in question, which is generally of the same theme as the proposed website.

"Fixed" links
Link Description
Scuderia Annacatafoca The Scuderia Annacatafoca's Website
I'll talk to Stars An Ex - Earthling Website
Auto - Automotive History in posters
sevsssphotosamateur My Friend Séverine Facebook's page, photographer
Links from the posts
Link Description See post ...
Astro EQ EQMod compatible mount controller NEQ5 Modification
Eloxal Decorative anodizing NEQ5 Modification
USINAGES's forum The USINAGES's forum, a mine of informations ! Documentation
Pierro Astro Accessories for Astronomy Focuser Motorization
Deep Space Products Astronomical Accessories (in the U.S.A) Focuser Motorization

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