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Article 01 : Hacking
He is expressly recalled that the fact of accessing or remaining fraudulently in a computer system, of obstructing or distorting the operation of such a system, of fraudulently entering or modifying data in a computer system, especially its hacking to use it as an "outpost" for a larger attack on another computer system, constitute serious offenses punishable by criminal penalties.
Article 02 : Website Access
The Site, or it's owner, cannot be held responsible for elements beyond its control and for damages, direct or indirect, which could possibly be suffered by the User relatively to this technical environment and in particular it's computers, software, network equipment and any other equipment used to access information, resulting from access or use of the Site including inaccessibility, loss of data, damage, destruction or viruses that could affect the User's equipment, and / or the presence of viruses on the Site. The charges for access and use of the telephone network are subject to change. The charge of the User, according to the terms and conditions set by their access providers and telecommunications operators.
Article 03 : Website availability
The User is avised that the Website is normally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Website, or it's owner, could be modified or interrupt for reasons of maintenance, backup or major cases. This interruption can in no way engage the responsibility of the Website, or it's owner and does not open the right to any compensation.
Article 04 : Hypertext Links
This website contains hypertext links pointing to other websites, which are not published by the owner of The Site, or it's owner, have no means of control over these websites and therefore assume no liability whatsoever as for the availability of these websites, their content, advertising, products or services available on these websites or from them. The decision to activate the links (the " click ") belongs exclusively to the User and is carried out under his sole responsibility. It is therefore his responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure that the Webite does not carry harmful scripts (computer virus, Trojan horse or any other malicious program). Under no circumstances can the Website or it's owner be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of hypertext links.
Article 05 : Intellectual property
The contents available on this website are the exclusive property of the Webite and it's owner (except where mentioned, and except for the content available on other sites via hypertext links). Any total or partial reproduction of these contents is therefore prohibited without the prior agreement of the owner of the website.
Article 06 : Limitation of Liability
The User declares to accept the characteristics and limits of the Internet and in particular acknowledges having knowledge of the nature of the Internet network and in particular of it's technical performance. The Webite, or it's owner can in no way be held responsible for reliability data transmission, access times, any access restrictions on the Internet network or the networks connected to it. The responsibility of the Website, or it's owner will not be able to be committed in the event of interruption of the networks of access to the Website, of unavailability, total or partial, of the Webite resulting in particular from the telephone operator, in the event of a transmission error or related problems. security transmissions, in the event of failure of the reception equipment or the User's telephone line. In no case the responsibility of the Website, or it's owner can not be engaged for indirect damages and in particular any commercial, moral and financial damage including any loss of profit having for cause, origin, or basis, the use of the Webite or its contents. The Webite, and it's owner, do not assume any responsibility relative to the use of the Website or it's contents. Thus the Webite, or it's owner, are in no way responsible for direct or indirect damage, occurring in particular in the occasion of the User's access to the Website or of the use of the Webite, of non-compliance with the Website or it's contents to any regulations or infringement of the rights of third parties. On the other hand, what I present on this site can in no way be considered to be true like " the Absolute Truth ". Indeed, the content of this site is provided to be indicative. In no case the responsibility of the Webite, or it's owner, cannot be held liable in the event of damage, injury, or any other inconvenience whatsoever, following the event of the implementation of the information provided on this website.
Article 07 : Competence attribution
The Website, which has the French language as it's official language, is subject to French law and comes under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.
Article 08 : Hosting

This website is hosted on a personal server.


Mobile Phone: +33 6 37 72 24 07,

Article 09 : Cookies
This site does not use cookies, except, if it is allowed in your browser settings, the Session cookie, to activate the display functionality of your recently consulted posts, keep in memory your linguistic preference, and the fact that you are very human (contact form). See below for more details.
Projects / Bulk Selector

On "Projects", presents the projects and their sub - parts, even if these are of a different theme.

On "Bulk", only the posts of the chosen theme are brought back, without there necessarily being a logical link in them.


This website have a search by keywords engine.

For an "advanced" search, three operators are available to you :

Logical "AND". Can also be written '&'. The space acts as an AND operator. For example, "expression1 AND expression2", which can also be naturally written "expression1 expression2", searches for the AND occurrence of "expression1", AND of "expression2" in all posts.
Logical "OR". Can also be written '|'. For example, "expression1 OR expression2" finds the occurrence OR of "expression1", OR of "expression2" in all posts.
Negation. For example, "-expression" searches all posts for any unsatisfactory terms "expression".

Of course, these operators can be combined to form more complex expressions. The priorities are then as follows, in ascending order :

  • -
  • AND
  • OR

When the "Title Only" box is checked, the content of the post is excluded from the search.

Browsers compatibility

The web is supposed to be offer identical content regardless of the visitor's browser. This is unfortunately not the case in real life. Many browsers take liberties with the interpretation of HTML and CSS code, which results in an erroneous graphic rendering, or even totally unusable. The rendering differences are notable between the different browsers, between the different versions of the same browser, but also depend on the OS on which it is running, we can't do it anymore !

This Website has been checked on :

  • Safari (Mac OS 10.6) V5.1.10
  • Safari (Mac OS 10.14) V12.0
  • FireFox (Mac OS 10.6) V48.0.2
  • FireFox (Windows 7 64) V88.0
  • Chrome (Mac OS 10.6) V49.0.2623.112
  • Chrome (Windows 7 64) V90.0.4430.212
  • Internet Explorer (Windows 7 64) V11
  • Opera (Windows 7 64) V76.0.4017.123
  • Edge (Windows 7 64) V90.0.818.66
  • Sea Monkey (Windows 7 64) V2.53.7.1
  • Chromium (Windows 7 64) V93.0.4526.0

For the rest, I'm sorry, but checking and modify everything will be a Titan's work !


This site does not use cookies, except, if it is allowed in your browser settings, the Session cookie, to activate the display functionality of your recently consulted posts, keep in memory your linguistic preference, and the fact that you are very human (contact form).

Cookie's namePHPSESSID
RoleTechnical cookie
strictly necessary cookie
PurposeAllows the server of this site to recognize you during the duration of your browsing session on this site, in order to activate the display functionality of recently viewed posts, to serve you compliant content to your linguistic preference, and to remember the fact that you are very human to let you access the contact form.
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Faced with the upsurge in Spam, I am obliged to impose a proof on you to access the contact form. Rest assured, nothing complicated ... It's just a matter of answering correctly to a question.
Some sites offer you to click on traffic lights or motorcycles, others ask you to copy an unreadable text in red on a purple background ...
In order to stay in the theme of this site, I suggest you to answer simple questions on an oscilloscope screen.
If you have never seen an oscilloscope in your life, or in case of difficulty to reply, you can contact me with YOUR mailing software, by clicking here: Send me an email

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